Schedule Optimizer v1.0

Creating your schedule takes lots of time and patience. It's difficult to arrange the classes you need where none of them overlap. Schedule Optimizer v1.0 takes the pain out of registration by giving you the option to:
  • Filter unwanted professors
  • Remove unavailable classes
  • Show all time permutations
  • Display your recommended schedule
  • Prioritize tight or relaxed timeblocks
  • Set your unavailability
  • Replace 24-hr class time with 12-hr
  • Update dynamically without refreshing
  • Display your graphical/tabular schedule
  • Retrieve information via RedID
This tool is hosted from an AWS EC2 t2.micro running Tomcat 8 and is connected to a small db.t2.micro RDS database. In order to get the most accurate results, we retrieve data from University registration databases in real time whenever a user submits their request. The user's desired courses (along with all other options) are passed along to an HTTPServlet container which processes and filters the schedule permutations. If a schedule is valid, it's ranked against all other schedules according to a simple algorithm based on the user's preferences. The web-app then constructs a visual table displaying the top 25 schedules. This project makes use of Spring MVC/Boot, AWS EC2 / RDS / Route 53 / Elastic Beanstalk, Java Server Pages (JSP}, MySQL, AJAX, JSON/GSON, JSTL, web-view containers, jQuery/JavaScript, and Apache Tomcat.
  • Why are there no online classes listed?
  • Since online classes have no specified date and time, our course-retrieving tool ignores them. These classes won't interfere with any of your other selections so there's no point in checking for collisions.
  • One of my (non-online) classes still isn't listed..
  • We apologize for the bug - please fill out the "Found a bug?" section and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Where can I learn how to make something like this?
  • Attend a hackathon! Otherwise, if you attend SDSU, the ACM holds tech workshops every other Wednesday alongisde Microsoft @ San Diego State.. Like our page on Facebook to stay updated! https://www.facebook.com/microsoftSDSU/
  • How did this project take shape?
  • It began as a small pet-project which rapidly grew in size. We were able to functionality for UCSB, SDSU, Brown, WSU and UC Berkeley with 700+ universities to be supported in the next update. We're excited to continue improving this project in the future!
  • What kind of data do you log?
  • We record a user's selection of courses, timestamp, and where the request came from.
  • How can we get in touch?

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